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h o m e a w a y  ( a r )

Year: 2021

Collaborator: Vancouver Mural Festival /  City of Vancouver

Event: Winter Art Festivals

Media: 3D Animation, augmented reality, graphic design

Will was one of 24  international creatives to exhibit their work at the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) Winter Arts Festival (spotlight article) 2021 - the first AR public art festival in Canada.

There are many layers to these two pieces, so those who seek to connect with it will find multiple entries. Homeaway is a series of AR sculptures about the meaning of 'home' and understanding the immigrant experience. I've been an immigrant for longer than I have not, so ‘home’ has slowly transcended its geographical meaning and lives within me and those I cherish.


"I believe every interaction we have as foreigners can result in either a welcoming or excluding experience"


Dismissal references work from Afro-Caribbean painter, José Bedia, and Venezuelan artist, Jesús Rafael Soto, to embody the feeling of rejection and judgment we may often face. On the other hand, Embracing embodies the loving and harmonious feeling of acceptance we all seek. The arrays of dots forming these sculptures also hold a special meaning, but I will leave it at that. In short, I want the audience to understand everyday interactions carry enough weight to make someone feel loved and welcomed. Compassion and inclusiveness come a long way, especially when we are Homeaway.

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