d e s k  ( v r )

Year: 2018

Purpose: Final Project - OCAD University

Location: Trinity Video Square

Participants: William Selviz, Sanmeet Chahil, Harit Lad



In D E S K, you're an (ex) corporate employee who was just fired and needs to pack his stuff and leave. The objective of the game is to grab all the objects and successfully place them in the box.

Our assignment was to create a piece that could explain the life and memories objects can hold in narratives. We developed this VR experiment after deconstructing the human experience we call nostalgia. This feeling needs a host, whether its an object, aesthetics or art piece, in order to remain meaningful over time. In this case, his belongings, hold a different meaning after being fired.

The team was inspired by the lo-fi or “vaporwave” aesthetic. This internet subculture uses nostalgia as a tool to evoke satirical melancholy, combining 80s and 90s imagery with current trends, events and technology. The game mechanics involved grabbing and throwing objects using the Oculus controllers. In the videos below we show the user experience as well as the presentation at the art show. We asked players to sit down and use the joysticks for movement to limit any possible sensor problems with the Oculus’s cameras. We wanted the user to experience the grandeur of the environment by shrinking them to a 10th of their size.  Controls involved moving, jumping and grabbing.  

Try it yourself!

For Mac OS


For Windows


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