Week 1

Initial pitch presentation showing summer progress

Week 2

3D studies for potential shoe we will use and marketing campaign study. In-class writing exercises. 

Week 3

Presentation 2 with early prototyping and research direction tweaked.

Week 4

Material exploration and refined last and pattern early prototype.

Week 5

Ordering last and materials. Attending technology workshops and material research opportunities with Vibram and ALYX at Launchpad and HXOUSE

Week 6

Further 3D and drawn exploration of other high top designs

Week 7

Modelling 3D Air Jordan 1 sole and making generative design iterations in Cinema 4D

Week 8

Further developed sole before 3D printing tests

Week 9

Began deconstruction of shoe and pattern making

Week 10

Began deconstruction of original shoe and pattern making

Week 11

Sourced canvas and recycle polyester liner. Cut out and assembled with pins and double sided tape

Week 12

Final critique and printing and refining the sole model

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